Women Too Africa Partners Black Girl’s Circle, for “The Dreamers Circle 1.0” A Mentorship and Essay Competition Program, 12th October 2023, at American Corner Jericho Ibadan.

WOPAC and Women Too Africa Joins Access Bank on Health Talk for Women:

Sensitizes Women on Breast Cancer

Women in Politics Against Cancer (WOPAC) and Women Too Africa joined Access Bank on Health Talk for women, at Access Bank Dugbe branch Ibadan, on the 18th October 2023.

The Health Talk/Seminar, was organised in partnership with W-Access for women, as a matter of celebrating Octoberthe Health Month for Women.

As a partaker in the seminar, WOPAC also delivered a lecture, where women at the event were enlightened on the “Myths and Facts of Breast Cancer”, what to do about and how to prevent the killer disease.

After the seminar, women were screened and tested for Blood Pressure and Hepatitis B.

While appreciating our presence at and involvement in event, in the course of networking, the Manager expressed the readiness of Access Bank and W-Access in partnering with and supporting WOPAC and Women Too Africa in the future, for the benefits of the entire women community.

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