Women Too Africa

Women Too Africa is a Non-governmental organization created to inspire, motivate and encourage young girls and women, we encourage women towards active participation and representation in politics, leadership, and every sphere of influence in society. At women Too Africa, we believe that there is enough “room” on the table for everyone, both male and female.

  • EmpowermentPolitical Leadership

Objectives of Women Too Africa

To encourage the development and the growth of the girl child;

To champion the empowerment of girls and women through education;

To advocate against bias towards women;

To condemn cultures, policies and ideological leanings against the girl child and women;

To serve as a catalyst for the dreams of the girl child and women;

To celebrate and promote outstanding women;

To encourage the participation of women in politics and other noble engagements;

To motivate and encourage men promoting support for women.

Our Vision

An African community where women are motivated, encouraged and mobilised towards active participation and representation in politics and leadership.

Our Mission

Every home has a girl child, who will grow into a woman, we want to make sure that the transition period of the girl child to womanhood is laced with the confidence needed to stand up for herself and other women in the political square and policy making.