Nigeria has a population of 60.9 million women, from 15 years and upwards at risk of developing various cancers. With 73 417 new cancer cases (vs 51 398) and 44 699 cancer deaths (vs 34 200), women suffer disproportionate higher cancer burden compared to men in Nigeria. Majority of these cancers are preventable through appropriate stakeholders engagement and change implementation. The WHO has identified integrated approach through women-centred prevention strategies as an effective means of reducing these cancer burden. Women Too Africa will be collaborating with End Cervical Cancer Nigeria Initiative (ECCNI) to start an advocacy movement named Women in Politics Against Cancer (WOPAC) WOPAC’s focus is on the growing menace of women cancers with the aim of reducing the health disparities in cancer care. Why is health an important part of our journey at Women Too Africa? Women’s Health, Just as their education is part of our focal points at Women Too Africa. Health is an important aspect of women’s lives and a major determinant of women’s progress and growth…so the advocacy against cancers affecting women concerns us in all the major aspects. The following are important information you should know about WOPAC (Women in Politics Against Cancer) Objectives: To create a platform for harnessing political goodwill to reduce the burden of cancers affecting women without being partisan. Governance: The program is co-chaired by Oloye Titilope Gbadamosi, the Founder of Women Too Africa and Dr. Ishak Lawal, the Excecutive Director of End Cervical Cancer Nigeria Initiative (ECCNI) National coordinator: Oloye Titilope Gbadamosi, the founder of WTA is made the national coordinator for ease of administration of the activities of WOPAC since WTA is hosting the secretariat of WOPAC. Secretariat: Women Too Africa (WTA) will host the secretariat of the program and be responsible for day to day administrative logistics of the program. We encourage all women of political interests and positions to join us to fight this menace of cancer. For one and all. Thank you.

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