About Ido Outing

Women Too Africa’s Outreach in Ido Local government
On the 4th of June 2022, women Too Africa embarked on an outreach in conjunction with foodclinique and PepsiCo. The outreach took place in Onikede, Elesin, Aba Dada, Kianbi, Oloka, Fajin, Baale, and Bonle villages all in Ido local government in Oyo state.
Malaria is a leading cause of death amongst pregnant women and children. Women Too Africa, amongst other things, is very particular about the health of women because we know that for women to give their best, their health has to be good. The outreach was targeted at providing mosquito nets to women and children. Foodclinique& Pepsico came on board and added food boxes which made the outreach even richer.
The women to Africa team set out for the journey to these communities at 10 am on the chosen day, they were joined by the foodclinique and PepsiCo team.g
The roads to these communities weren’t memorable but the team pulled through. The villagers were elated and the outreach was a success.

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